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Saturday, 11 January 2014


Clothing is one of the basic necessities to make a living.  From the Stone ages to the Indus valley civilization, clothing forms an integral part of our culture and history. The definition of clothing has changed over the time. In contrast to the era of Stone Age when clothing was simply means of shielding for modesty, nowadays clothing is a style statement and speaks a lot about ones personality.

The kind of Clothing For Women In India that a particular group of people adorn is influenced by a lot of factors. These are the geographical conditions like the climate and weather, culture, and the religion of a particular area.


India enjoys the pride of being a tropical country. Right of the north to the south, one shall see the clothing changing in different parts of India in a very diverse fashion.  Also India being religiously diverse country too, traditions in our country have appropriate clothing for occasions as well. Saris, Lehenga-Cholis, Salwar Kameez, Dhoti Kurta are some of the traditional outfits. A few more are the Pattu Pavadai, Lungi in the south, Kashmiri Kurta and Salwars are among the other ethnic outfits prevailing in our country.

The evolution in the Fashion industry has brought about a Renaissance in Clothing for women in India.  More and more designs and patterns have come up in the market and are coming up each day giving people exciting options to choose from. People’s lifestyle has changed over the time and their spending capacity too has risen. International brands have invested in India, rising trend of big malls and online shopping have enabled people to get the best in the money they invest.

Clothing for women in India is not cliche anymore. Jeans-shirt, trousers are common  now. Good brands  are open to women. The short kurti trend has been on an overhigh for the past few years. These indo-western kurtis can be teamed up with anything right from a piece of denims to pyjamas, chudidars, or jodhpur pants. The lengths of kurtis often keep changing to suit the trends. There are wide range of jackets, blazers, tops (informal/formal) that are available too for women. Strolls, scarfs that compliment almost any attire are there. The traditional outfits in India are so beautiful that they can actually never go out of fashion. Anarkalis, Sarees and Lehengas are the first choices when it comes to dressing up for family functions and weddings. Hand-crafted ones along with computerized designs have blossomed innumerable patterns and prints that the outfits come in now. Marriages’ in India are a grand affair and brides thesedays have many options to choose from. Wedding Lehenga sarees are lehengas that give the look of a saree at the same time, also there are jacket anarkalis those when teamed up with ghagras look very gorgeous.

Social media has changed the way people shopped earlier. Now just click and everything is right in front of you at your computer screen. Companies have their own online shopping sites and there also sites where you can get almost all brands that you are looking for. Not only this online shopping offers many good offers in terms, discounts which makes the experience of online shopping all the more luring. Its like imagining the whole mall or shop walking right up to your own home and at your own computer screen. Everything right from traditional outfits to office wear, casual wear, innerwear, party wear is available to you on the sites at really amazing offers.


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