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Friday, 24 January 2014

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The Salwar Kameez originates from South and Central Asia which is a traditional dress of the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan. This particular dress is worn by both men and women. Women wear it in India more so. In Bangladesh women like to wear it too. The Salwar is like a loose trouser which also resembles a pajama to an extent. Narrow at the ankle and legs are wide at the waist. The Kameez has its own various designs but is a long skirt or a frock, the term kameez is usually applied to a collarless kurta.

The chaak or the side seams giving the person who wears it comfort by leaving it open below the waistline.

Usually cut flat and straight, some are traditionally cut, but the modern ones have been inspired by European designs around the sleeves.

When a woman wears the salwar kameez it is also known as the Punjabi suit.  Originally confined to North India, but now most women wear it as it’s a convenient and better alternative than wearing a sari, It also makes one feel comfortable and look great at the same time. Suits all body types, therefore is famous all over India. The colour, fabric, embroidery also makes it suitable for all climatic conditions. The woman’s Salwar Kameez is often work with a duppatta, which is like a thin or thick stole or shawl, covering the shoulder or it can be draped over the head which competes the whole Salwar kameez attire.

 The Salwar kameez has become quite famous all over the world now. People are wearing it in different styles and designs, with or without the dupatta. Like a frock over tights, with looser pajama style pants, or churidar which is tighter at the ankles and gives the body a closer fit style.

This Era Salwar kameez is an adaptation with its various styles of the Mughal Era’s clothing. Various Fabrics are used, such as cotton, muslin. Silk, velvet, muslin, wool broadcloth and organzas. Different types of patterns are used, block prints, ikkat, Kalamkari, Deccan himroo, Patola, Batik, Bandhani, Leheriya & Khadi. Many types of embroidery is done, Appliqué or phoolpatti, Badla, Abhla or Shisha, Bagh, Sitara, Resham,Tambour, Zardosi, Aari, Zari, Phulkari, Kashmiri kashida, Chikakari, Gota, Soof,Ahir, Kantha, katiawari, Sindhi, Sozani or Dorukha, Kuthchi,etc.

As most garments, the Salwar kameez has transformed with time to suit the demands of the modern Asian women. It remains a costume that explains comfort and style, even though it had to endure the changes in time.

The Cut of the Salwar Kameez changes from time to time and has adopted various tradional combinations like the gharara, Laccha, Ghagra choli, Gharara, etc and with the styles like Parallel trousers, flared pants with outer hem cuts have given the traditional Salwar a run for its style on the fashion runway. The Kameez had become shorter and more fitting and the dupatta had been dropped and this much modern style outfit is considered the next best party outfit.

Designers have made quite a bundle with their various designer Salwar kameez styles. Fashion industry has given the Salwar kameez a new place on the national urban outfit platform.

Since the early 80’s designers from all over the place have been changing and working on the next new Chic garment which is globally accepted in the main fashion market.

The Designer Salwar kames’ have prices that hit the roof to the nominal rating as well. All depends on the newness of the style and the materials.

There are a few Designer Salwar kameez styles take come over the usual ones, Afghani Salwar kameez, Anarkali Salwar kameez, Anghrakha Style, Churidar Salwar Kameez, Parallels or Trouser Style Salwar kameez, Patiala Salwar kameez & the Panjabi Salwar kameez.


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