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Monday, 27 January 2014

Banarasi Sarees – Best Bridal Wear in the country

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India is a country with great diversities. Various principle and objectives are maintained here in traditional manners. Ethics, beliefs and culture are the reason behind every aspect in this country. Every occasion in this country is celebrated with immense joy and fervor. In spite of the great diversity in custom and culture all occasions are celebrated with great happiness and unity. India exhibits a great style in traditional dressing since thousands of years. With the evolution of time and western influence, men have adopted the western attires to a great extent. But, still today, women of the country prefer to wear traditional clothing.

Among the major traditional garments for women in India, the one that still rules the chart is the saree.  Saree is a long piece of designer cloth that is draped across a women’s body in a specific manner. Saree gives a unique look like no other dress in its class. Sarees are made in a variety of fabric. But the two most prime fabrics for sarees are silk and cotton. Silk is extremely bright and gorgeous and gives a beautiful look. Silk from Banaras is the best in its class and extremely charming and the most in demand. This variety is commonly known as the Banarasi Sarees.

 Banarasi Sarees are the prime wedding wear for women in a major part of the country since a long time. These sarees are very bright in look and are exquisitely designed. The fashion designers of our country have really worked on their innovative minds and came up with the best possible designs for these sarees. Banarasi sarees are worked with a variety of designer works like stone work, moti work, zari work, embroidery work, handworks etc. These exquisite works all over the saree makes them look extremely beautiful and the perfect wear for all gorgeous occasions and festivals.
Moreover, the Banarasi Sarees give the best possible look to all brides. The prime colors of Banarasi Sarees used by brides on a wedding day are red, purple, magenta, pink.

These sarees are available extremely easily in all the leading stores, shopping malls, fashion boutiques etc. Moreover, the availability of these sarees online has helped reaching out to a lot of people not only within the country but also abroad.  A great number of NRIs and even foreigners interested in owning these sarees can buy them very easily in just one click. The Banarasi Sarees have also become extremely popular worldwide and a lot of foreigners have adopted this wear as a prime wedding wear for their marriage ceremonies. A great amount of credit for this success goes to the fashion designers of the country for the extremely innovative ideas and hard work.

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