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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Silk designer sarees

Bollywood actresses are often seen setting new trends in the market through the characters they portray in the movie. Alia Bhatt was in Karan Johar’s movie ‘2 States’ against the charming Arjun Kapoor. The movie is from Chetan Bhagat’s best-selling novel of the same name. Alia performs the character of a Tamil Brahmin in the movie however the outfits in the movie is not really that typical. The looks for this new and chirpy actress have been put together keeping in mind the completely different stages of Alia’s personality. The attires keep on changing as the movie has been released across the nation. The movie begins with Alia being a management college student at a premium institute, then to a working girl and finally she adorns silk designer sarees simply to impress her folks and also get married. Alia’s personality and outfitting will surely flood the market with new styles and also influence young girls to move towards them.
Silk designer sarees
Silk designer sarees
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South Indian Wedding Sarees

Shah Rukh Khan as Rahul has been entrusted the task of going to Rameshwaram with the ashes of his demise grandfather. He, top on his new-found freedom, dodges it to trip to Goa with his friends.Fate plays its twists in such a way that he ends up reaching South by getting entrapped with a girl, Deepika Padukone plays a role of Meena who is actually running from her imposing father. Both take the Chennai Express and begin the journey that changes their lives forever! They relentlessly try to ‘elope’ but every time circumstances fail them and they land up in deeper trouble with each stint.
South indian wedding sarees
South indian wedding sarees
Running from the girl’s father – a don, and an angry well-known fiance named Tangaballi, watch them fall in love in the most uncanny and bizarre ways possible! This one is SRK doing his DDLJ work with a twist of Tamil tadka in it as the romance initiated travels through the road of trouble! This isn’t the 90s anymore and falling in love needs quite a lot of toiling now! The beauty of the movie is Deepika Padukone in south indian wedding sarees which suits her a lot. From the start to end she attract her audience by south silk wear. For more details visit our site http://www.kalazone.in/sarees.html

Saree online shopping

Saree Online Shopping - Kalazone A sari is a strip of unstitched cloth, which is six yards long, draped over the body in different styles. There are lots of traditional styles of saree: Sambalpuri Saree from East, Kanchipuram from South, Banarasi from North and Paithani from West among others. With the increase in demand of desingner sarees, saree online shopping being considered the most elegant. These are usually more dressy with a lot of embellishments such as mirrors or embroidery and may be worn on special occasions.
Saree online shopping
Saree online shopping
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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Bridal Salwar Kameez

Online salwar kameez shopping has become very feasible. Latest and unique designs in all kinds of fabrics are available on the net. These are sure to catch ones attention and awe them totally. Cotton Salwar kameez designs though can be worn round the year but are a hit when worn in the summer. Online Salwar Kameez shopping now makes them available right in front of your screen.

The Salwar kameez style is by far the most popular in India and every woman loves to adorn them. Especially bridal salwar kameez is a perfect outfit that a girl can be worn at her very special day. They have very light weight fabric and are very easy on the body. Working or travelling with these is also quite manageable. Now the online availability of the Salwar kameez has given people more options to choose from. All kinds and types of patterns are available the net. The styles, patterns and ravishing cuts and prints are all just a click and select away. There will be no more wandering and pondering as to from where the best designs should be bought. The entire collection reveals in front of your eyes and educates the viewer about the size, pattern, color, fabric and other features. This is as good as a shopping experience done physically in fact much better because it doesn’t require you to move at all. All that you order comes to you right at your doorsteps. Cotton Salwar Kameez looks best worn in any season. Possessing a nice collection of them never goes in vain. They can be worn so comfortably at home or work or any other place. So readers must wait no more and grab the first opportunity to look for them and buy them online.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Latest party wear sarees

Wedding ceremonies, Parties, festivals, get together they generally happen in India. In case they happen so often of-course there will be not enough outfits for a woman. These days the designers looking at the increase in demand of designer clothes especially the Indian or traditional clothes are making them affordable to the common man too. This has made easy for a woman to have a latest party wear sarees collection so that she can be party ready. She doesn’t have to sit and worry about what to wear and how to wear.

These days the collection of the traditional clothes has become so important that they are available online too. A nice collection of latest party wear sarees online gives an easy way out to buy them at a very reasonable price.
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Sunday, 4 May 2014


Magic of IIFA is back again this year to awe you. Bollywood award functions promise entertainment in every bit with their scintillating performances, comic hosting, exotic locations, paparazzi, grand awards and the glitz of the fashion world. IIFA awards 2014 were held on 23rd April at Florida, USA this time and it saw almost all the big names of the industry shining and glittering away on the ‘GREEN Carpet’. This time the GREEN carpet got lucky for the first time and it was graciously embraced and walked down by all the eminent celebrities of the Indian film industry. Fashion is an important part and parcel of an industry centered on cinema. As far as fashion is considered every year actors and actresses inspire new trends and set new strides for their fans to follow.

IIFA which is considered to be the Indian Oscars is one award show which is given the status of being the father of all award shows. It is immensely popular abroad which can be seen from the number of fans waiting outside, cheering away for their favorite stars, waiting for their one glimpse. Actresses put their best foot forward in their quest to look the best from the rest and well dressed. Some wear jaw-dropping beautiful gowns where as others prefer to walk down the IIFA aisle in evergreen Indian designer sarees.

Actresses like Madhuri Dixit, Bipasha Basu, Vidya Balan and Deepika Padukone have been seen flaunting their perfect curves in this stunning and ravishing sarees for years now on award ceremonies. A saree is one such outfit that is supposed to bring out the feminine side of a woman in the best possible way. If you want to posses the designer sarees that your favorite actresses wore to IIFA and other award nights then wait no longer as the online media has it all now. Bollywood designer sarees are no longer a dream for you. They are in fact just a click away. Saree shopping online is also very convenient as one can shop sitting right at home and all this at the cost of great offers. With such a great deal at hand you have nothing to lose. Insights into the fabric, design, embroidery color are explained elaborately.

These designer sarees, Bollywood sarees, Lehenga sarees and all other news styles of sarees are available for you on our online shopping website, Kalazone

Wednesday, 30 April 2014


IPL’S slogan for the 7th season says ‘Chalo bulava aaya hai’. The many advertisements based on the same theme depict the madness and pull people towards the most admired sport in our nation, Cricket. IPL completely revolutionized the experience of watching cricket by mixing the right amount of entertainment, glamour and sport. The celebrity presence, the entertainment dose, players from all over the world, the larger than life spirit of the game all these factors make this sport very grand and magnificent.

Actors, actresses, celebrities, socialites make their presence felt very often during the IPL season. With their graceful presence they not only cheer up and brighten the spirit of the game but also inspire great fashion. New trends in clothing, fashion, Indian sarees, Salwar Kameez are seen blossoming during the IPL season. The success parties, the promotional events, the grand inauguration ceremony, all witness the celebrities and Bollywood divas shining away in designer dress material Salwar Kameez and sarees.

 Shilpa Shetty is a striking example of what fashion at IPL represents. She is the owner of Rajasthan Royals and is seen flaunting exquisite sarees in different styles and draping patterns. Other big names that find a mention here are Priety Zinta and Neeta Ambani, who also wear stunning Indian designer wear. Saree shopping online is a great way to shop as one does not have to move at all and can buy everything from the screen itself. You can order the best of sarees online imitating your favorite actresses.

The cheer-leaders are also seen dancing in traditional costumes belonging to their respective places.  Such interesting concepts in IPL are making the Indian dresses and traditional costumes popular abroad. These are also setting new strides in the fashion industry every day. More and more is being explored into the Indian fabrics and from that treasure fresh designs are entering the market. This IPL season, become stylish and flaunt the latest designs in sarees and Salwar Kameez. These are easily available online in a myriad of styles. Bollywood designer sarees, Salwar-Kameez, Anarkalis, South-Silk Sarees and many more are available on the shopping websites. Online Salwar Kameez and saree availability have made life easy for many women in India and abroad.

Sarees come in a variety of fabrics like chiffon, georgette, south silk, brocade and a mix of many of these. For that matter Salwar Kameez has also changed many styles and these days Anarkalis have become quite popular among all age-groups. The styles of wearing a Salwar Kameez have evolved a lot and attractive designs are available online. One place you can easily find all these is our online shopping website, Kalazone.

Monday, 28 April 2014


IPL Twenty20, the blockbuster cricket tournament of India is immensely popular not only in India but also overseas. Indian premier League inspires so much freshness into the sport that nobody can help being smitten by it. Every year new teams and emerging players are seen battling out on the field. It radiates youthfulness and freshness into all fields related to it. Be it the game, the interesting names of the teams, the innovative advertising or the trend-setting fashion, IPL is known for motivating new energy and this it does in other fields related to it as well.

Cheer leaders on special matches are seen dancing in traditional dresses of their respective teams. Girls dance with energy and vigor in Lugdas for Mumbai Indians and Silk Sarees for Chennai Super Kings. The recent matches between Royal Challengers Bangalore, Hyderabad Sunrisers, Kolkata knight riders, Rajasthan Royals have created a lot of buzz with their success parties and the fashion quotient in them. Glamour is an essential part of IPL with actors and actresses seen quite a lot during the game and after that too. Actresses especially are seen wearing stunning Anarkalis, Designer sarees, thus promoting Indian wear.
Nowadays trends go viral in absolutely no time. IPL motivated clothing is now readily available online. New trends in designer dress material are flooding the market each day and will continue to do so throughout the entire season of IPL 7. These days more and more people are turning towards online shopping due to lack of time and busy schedules at work. For everyone online shopping is the best way to shop as one gets a detailed knowledge about the products and deals online. Thus online Salwar Kameez shopping is a very convenient way to shop as these offer you the best deals and designs, all this with the benefit of shopping right from home.

Saree online shopping also gives one a gamut of options to choose from. The colours, designs, embroidery, styles available present a myriad of choices. Bollywood designer sarees, IPL inspired sarees, Lehenga sarees and others are all displayed online for people to buy the most stylish and trendy sarees.

IPL is spreading glory and glamour in the fashion industry and Indian designer sarees and Salwar Kameez are now available in number of options and styles. Get Stylish this IPL season and grab the most amazing sarees and designer Salwar Kameez at our online shopping website, Kalazone.

Look like Rani Mukherjee with Kalazone Wedding Collection

Rani Mukerji’s, one of the biggest actresses of our times tied the knot with her long time beau Aditya Chopra in a hush-hush ceremony In Italy. The marriage was a low profile affair attended only by a few family members and close friends. The Rani-Aditya affair has been in the news for almost a decade now. Fans and well-wishers were always curious to know when their favorite actress and producer were getting married. The union took place on 22nd April in a blessed ceremony. 

The wedding of this actress came as a pleasant surprise to the entire nation. Rani got married in a small yet beautiful ceremony in the countryside of Italy. This beautiful green eyed princess got married wearing traditional Bengali wedding attire. Wedding collection inspired from Bollywood actresses spread like wild fire in the market and online. Beautiful collection inspired from Bollywood actresses and their marriage has already created a lot of buzz in the wedding market. They are known for setting trends and inspire some great wedding outfits for young brides. The online media has made the availability of designer sarees and wedding collection quite popular.  Whether it’s the outfit Rani is wearing on her wedding or the one Kareena wore for her Big Day, all of it is out there displayed online. Indian designer sarees for all functions right from engagement to sangeet, wedding to reception all are available at great deals and designs.

Indian designer sarees and bridal outfits are a hit in India partly because of the culture that prevails here and also because of the grandeur of our marriage ceremonies. Indian wedding outfits are very grand and have gone through a lot of modifications over the period of time. The Indian tradition and wedding wear has evolved a lot and every bride can now choose the best from the wedding collection. The Ghagra-cholis, Lehengas, designer sarees, traditional Bengali, Gujarati, Maharashtrian sarees and other variations of wedding outfits are all available at jaw-dropping offers online. One can have a thorough look at the traditional outfits, embroidery work, color, pattern and the cuts from front and back.

Wedding is the most special day in a girl’s life and what better way to choose a dazzling outfit online in today’s fast world. The wedding collection at Kalazone is very attractive and beautiful such that every bride will get a piece of her own choice. Kalazone’s collection of wedding outfits is spectacular and many Bollywood inspired designs and patterns are also available. 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

These Days Buy Wedding Sarees Online – Dream Come True

Indian sarees are famous since hundreds of years. The look that these sarees give to every female is just
excellent. They were in pattern and rule the fashion market till date. Sarees have become a part of the Indian lifestyle.

For marriage most of the females choose the saree that make their day most unforgettable one. They add to the sensuous moments and bring in a more of elegant function in a lady.

A ladies clothing selection and closet is imperfect without a wonderful, exclusive selection of Indian sarees. These days, to buy wedding sarees and designer lehenga sarees online have just made dreams come true for females who desire the newest and stylish sarees on their wedding.

The requirement for conventional sarees on the internet is improving day by day. With the high demand and requirement, many sites have come up with the conventional sarees online.

Most of these designers have their own websites as the requirements for the internet saree purchasing is becoming more demandable. As Indians stay all over the world, the requirement for saree all over the world is improving.

The requirement for designer sarees is getting to new stages; this is due to the designers, who have designed outstanding styles in the wedding collections. The most essential event in an individual's lifestyle is their wedding.

The online saree purchasing sites are created wisely to demonstrate the features of the saree. With the arriving up of new and enhanced designer sarees in pattern more and more best designers of sarees are arriving up to make sarees for the ladies.

There are many sarees available online, right from silk sarees online to designer sarees. These are exclusive ones created just for the ladies as per their requirements.

With the help of a designer a lady can always select the best customized designer sarees for herself. The fashion designers have a wide range of marriage sarees displayed on the internet and can also design the most appropriate one just for you.

A wide range of information you ought to remember while choosing designer sarees on the internet is that the opinions about the online shop, one needs to be sure enough to know if the website is trustworthy and safe enough to purchase that most expensive saree. 

Monday, 21 April 2014


Indian Premiere League is the glittering face of Cricket, worship sport of India. Right from the extravagant opening ceremony to the crowd pulling matches, the pretty cheer-leaders and the Bollywood razzmatazz, IPL is the right dose of entertainment for cricket lovers. For the period of one and half month the fever of IPL is profound and every person irrespective of his age and taste stays glued to the matches.

IPL is known to be the most watched Twenty-20 in the world with a huge commercial success. What started in 2008 has become a phenomena now in the history of cricket and this year, 2014 is the 7th season of IPL in a row. The huge success of IPL must be attributed to a large percentage to Bollywood and to celebrities.  Another reason for it being a gigantic success is that through advertisements and promotions many other fields related to it become popular as well. One such example is the fashion world.  Bollywood celebrities make many new styles of Sarees and Salwar Kameez in India as well as abroad quite popular during the IPL season. They sport and adorn beautiful Salwar- Kameez, Anarkalis and Sarees of different styles setting new trends each day.

New draping styles make Bollywood designer Sarees stand out and now these designs are readily available online.  Even cheer leaders are seen cheering for their respective teams wearing traditional outfits and dancing to the tune to victory songs. All of this is creating a hype and displaying new collection of designer Sarees online every day. Shopping online is very convenient and easy for both working women as well as homemakers. It has just a click, select and buy process and the outfit is delivered to you in no time. So now you can dazzle wearing Sarees and Salwar Kameez you saw your favorite actress wearing and win many compliments.

The Designer Sarees and Indian Salwar Kameez mimicking their pattern have gone viral and now getting your favorite style of dress is very convenient. The entire description of the fabrics, styles, designs; colors are mentioned elaborately on the sites to educate the customers. This helps the viewer to make a choice. They can see the outfit’s designs, color and fabric intricately and closely on the screen. Kalazone’s shopping website has a huge range of collection to amaze the viewers. The collection at our website keeps pace with the latest styles, patterns and designs of Salwar- Kameez and Sarees.

Few Points To Keep In Mind While Online Shopping For Saree In India

A lady dressed in an Indian saree is sure to get your attention whenever you check out a lady. Indian saree are used by all categories of females such as teachers, professionals, air-hostesses, writers as well as the most significant females of India. The most awesome part is that the style of dressing up in saree varies from
one state to another. Gone are the times when individuals used to check out shops to buy outfits for themselves. Nowadays, individuals prefer online shopping for saree in India. If you are planning to order a saree online, there are a few factors which you must keep in mind. They all are described below.
  • While purchasing sarees on the internet, it is very important to have a sense of design and shade which can fit you. You can thus decide on a material and shade which go with each other and outshine your overall look. 
  • The females who are below five feet, should generally select a saree which has small borders. This can help the females look higher in structure. Sarees with small borders or borderless sarees can also be chosen by the females who have a compact sized structure. 
  • Before purchasing sarees from the internet, you should select a shade which matches your complexion. If you have a dark complexion, you can select shades like light red, violet, light yellow and others. If you have a mild complexion, any shade might go well but shades like red and maroon can make you look stunning. 
  • Sarees purchasing can turn out to be a distressing experience, if the web shop you are purchasing from is not reliable enough. Thus, you must check if the shop owners are reliable before you make any huge deal. However, if the shop is well-known and a genuine one, your sarees purchasing idea can be quite successful. You can buy a casual saree or can buy wedding sarees online. 

Wedding lehenga choli shopping India has become a trend. The best thing to do before purchasing a sarees online is to have a thorough knowledge and go through different sites by studying the testimonials so that you can have a better concept about which saree to buy. 

Sunday, 20 April 2014


Indian Premiere League, the most talked about event is seemed to be extending its fan club not only in India but also in all other parts of the world. IPL celebrates the convergence of the best Cricket, Bollywood fraternity and entertainment. Brand IPL has become intensely popular all over the world because of its entertaining concept and short but exciting format of the game.

Celebrity, paparazzi, cheer-leaders, cricketers, the crowd cheering and grand IPL advertising are all ingredients of a larger than life IPL match. Owing to the Celebrity presence, in IPL the fashion world too seems to be smitten by it. Actresses of the supporting teams are often seen wearing the designer Sarees and Salwar Kameez on IPL promotional events and success parties. Bollywood actresses add glamour and inspire fashion enthusiasts to create outfits for the IPL events. Even the cheer leaders are seen dancing in traditional dresses of the teams they are supporting. So if they are supporting Mumbai Indians, they dance in Maharashtrian sarees and Lugdas and if they are supporting Rajasthan Royals they dance in beautiful Lehengas. This is the case for all the teams. Every team tries to showcase the tradition and culture of their respective place. Trends in designer dress material inspired from the IPL 2014 season have now gone viral. Such is the impact of IPL on clothing and fashion. So far some of the matches played were between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders, Rajasthan Royals and Sunrisers Hydrabad, Royal Challengers and Delhi Dare Devils. All the matches, the advertisements, Actresses and fashion motivated by them through IPL are creating a lot of buzz already.

Shopping online is a viable option for working women. They can make purchases even while they are sitting at their workplaces.  In fact there are more designs and styles available online than that available anywhere else. Online shopping of Salwar Kameez styles in ravishing Anarkalis, Georgette embroidered suits, chiffon suits and ethnic Kurtis is a good option to shop sitting at home.  

Lehenga Sarees and south silk sarees, Bollywood designer Sarees are bringing in fresh changes and modifications to their draping and wrapping styles. The Sarees for online shopping come in a myriad of colors, patterns, textures, intricate work and fabrics. Detailed descriptions of all the above mentioned parameters are available on the website and one can have a zoomed in look at every nook and corner of the outfit and material. These features on online shopping websites guide and help you in selecting the right outfit best suiting your needs. Kalazone houses on its online shopping site all these features and a huge collection of amazing Sarees and Salwar Kameez for you to surf, select and buy.

Saturday, 19 April 2014


Bollywood actresses are often seen setting new trends in the market through the characters they portray on the silver screen. Alia Bhatt would be seen yet again in Karan Johar’s upcoming movie ‘2 States’ against the handsome Arjun Kapoor. The movie is inspired from Chetan Bhagat’s best-selling novel of the same name.
Alia plays the character of a Tamil Brahmin in the movie but the clothing in the movie is not that typical. The looks for this young and chirpy actress have been designed keeping in mind the different phases of Alia’s character. The attires keep changing as the movie has been shot throughout the country. The movie starts with Alia being a management student at a premium institute, then to a working woman and finally she adorns traditional clothing in order to impress her folks and get married. Alia’s character and dressing will surely flood the market with new designs and also inspire young girls to turn towards them.

As a student the actress is seen wearing ethnic kurtis and Salwar-Kameez in her college life. She is sporting designer suits in many different and fresh styles. Her office wear too is very Indian with long kurtis in smart cuts and patterns. Throughout the movie she is seen wooing her parents and would be in-laws wearing sarees of different styles reflecting Indian culture at its best. These have already gone viral and designers Sarees are available online at jaw-dropping deals and offers.

Sarees in rich and lustrous south silk, Kanchipuram have been sported by the actresses and this will certainly inspire some path breaking designs and styles in South part of India. The trends in the Kurtis, Anarkalis, and Sarees in North India have already been influenced by the 2 states. One can now easily buy these online very conveniently. As soon as you type what you want the site directs you to the awesome world of online shopping which has a huge range of options to choose from. Myriad collections, Bollywood designer sarees, Anarkalis, Salwar Kameez will amaze you and you will find the one that suits your needs in no time. The elaborate explanation of the designs, patterns, styles, fabrics will enlighten you with broad specifications of the outfit so that you can make the right choice. These days, whatever you want to possess is just a click away on the omnipresent internet. Just log on and check out a great collection of south silk sarees and Salwar Kameez mimicking Alia Bhatt’s style and many others at Kalazone’s online shopping website.